3 reasons to consume local products

António Câmara | 8th February 2024

1. Support the local economy

By opting for local products, you’re giving a significant boost to your region’s economy. It’s not just a question of buying; it’s a way of investing in the community where you live. In doing so, you contribute to the creation of jobs and the strengthening local businesses, which are the heart of the local economy.

In addition, by supporting local producers, you’re forging stronger ties with your community, fostering an environment of cooperation and mutual support. It’s a way of being part of something bigger, contributing to collective well-being.

2. Fresher and healthier products

When you opt for local produce, you’re guaranteeing unparalleled freshness. The food doesn’t have to travel long distances to reach your plate, which means it’s picked at the right point of ripeness. This not only guarantees a more intense flavor, but also preserves essential nutrients.

By choosing local products, you are not only supporting the economy of your region, but also contributing to healthier and more sustainable eating. Remember, the quality of what you eat is reflected in your health and well-being.

3. Reduces ecological footprint

By opting for local products, you’re taking a big step towards more sustainable consumption. Not only are you supporting your region’s economy, but you’re also making a significant contribution to reducing the ecological footprint. How?

  • Less transportation means less greenhouse gas emissions. Local products don’t have to travel thousands of kilometers to reach you.
  • Local production tends to be smaller and less intensive, which reduces environmental impact.
  • By consuming local, you are encouraging more sustainable agricultural practices and contributing to the resilience to climate change.

By buying local products, you’re not only benefiting the environment, but also contributing to a stronger, more resilient community. Everyone wins.

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